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Simply Intelligent 

A universal platform helping to connect Clinics, Designers, Experts and Labs seamlessly,
Amrulo helps in moving dental care into the digital age. 
We Make digital Simple and Cool

Secure Online Platform

Scan your work and upload it to our secure online platform that connects dental care providers with experts, Instead of using deliveries to carry impressions and bites to your lab. The scan process is simple, accurate and fast.

Time-Saving Affordability

Not only is Amrulo a more cost-effective solution than mailing or shipping scans, it also reduces chair-time and improve patient care without adding cost to your bottom line.

Increased Data Accuracy

Digitizing content with computerized measurements, designs, and creation helps save time, enhance quality and  beuty, resulting in improved customer's satisfaction.

Enhanced Office Freedom

Amrulo is designed to give you more options and convenience in your clinic which can lead to better patient care, improved workflow, and overall staff efficiency.

Move to The Digital Age without Changing the way you work

Our service platform is user-friendly, affordable, and highly accurate; and you don’t have to be super tech savvy to use it. In fact, it supports and expands your existing workflows including impressions or intraoral scans —while giving you more control over your work efforts.

More importantly, our user-friendly system helps doctors and clinics move into the digital age without the extra cost and without taxing your busy staff. And because we’re brand agnostic, you can continue working with the equipment you already know and love to ensure a smooth, digital workflow.

What Our Clients Have To Say

"Using the Amrulo system made Crossing  to the Digital World very easy, I stopped being afraid of the move, and after 40 years in the proffession found a new way to improve"
- Dentist for over 40 years  -

"Getting exposed to the digital world by Amrulo made me improve the clinical results by increasing accuracy and beuty, and save chair time on crown adjustments"
- Dentist for over 35 years -

 "I am working with CAD \ CAM systems since 2012  and  the Amarulo system facilitated better communication all the way between me and the clinics  making my work much more efficient " 
-  Dental technician for 13 years -

Premium Patient-Focused Features

Enhance Your Brand, Reputation, and Service Offering

What are we providing you?

A fully managed Platform with access to a Network of experts

We’re giving you the opportunity to improve your clinical work, enhance your digital workflow, and expand your client-focused solutions; all while providing expert opinions and support that help you create a stronger, more trustworthy practice. Amrulo’s service includes, Hardware, Management Platform, Network of Experts (Digital designers, Orthodontists, Surgeons), 
Support service & Training, Maintenance, Production

What do you gain?

Better Care Starts Here, You save time and You gain satisfied clients

Your patients are your first priority, and your business efficiency is a close second. With Amrulo you can save “chair time”, reduce unnecessary clinic visits, and even reduce production time to enhance clients' satisfaction and Practice Brand. From a well-documented structure to a highly traceable process, you can print temporary crowns and surgical guides in-clinic in less than 2 hours. 

Why is it simple?

By using Amarulo’s service you can use the same technique of impression and bite-taking  

Working with Amrulo’s impression scanner you can use the same materials and technics you arecurrently using. The scan process is simple, accurate and fast. 
When you feel comfortable with the digital workflow, You can move to Intraoral scanning without changing your work process and at no additional system cost. 

See How Its Done

We want you to feel confident in your move to Amrulo which is why we’ve put together a video to show you exactly how it works, from start to finish. If you’re ready for enhanced restoration accuracy and better process management, check out our digital process today and learn how our system gives you a unique advantage to produce temporary crowns and repairs in your very own clinic..


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